Joseph Mak

From Our Head Prefect

The Prefects' Board consists of 58 prefects who are appointed from students of form 4 to form 6 by the school authority in mid-September each year. The Prefects' Board is led by the Head Prefect and his assistant, the Deputy Head Prefect. The Prefects are divided into five groups, each led by an experienced Form six prefect.

Our routine duties include the selling of exercise books, patrolling and helping in assemblies. Other duties of us are to maintain the order of the school and to persuade our fellow schoolmates to abide by the school regulations. We are also responsible for helping in school events, such as to act as recorders, position judges, time-keepers in the Athletic meet and Swimming Gala; to act as invigilators in Form one entrance examination and to organize the orientation day for Form one students in order to familiarize them with the campus. Sometimes we have to accompany the sick or injured students to the Kwong Wah Hospital for medical treatment.

The work of a prefect is not easy and to some extent it is quite demanding. However, I got a great deal of satisfaction and happiness in my job. I am especially impressed by the work of our prefects. No matter how harsh and demanding the task is, they still complete them with all their efforts. They are self-motivated, responsible and are ready to sacrifice their own precious time to help the others. It is really a pleasure for me to work with our


fellow prefects. I would like to take this opportunity to express my wholehearted gratitude to our prefects for their generous help and excellent work.

After being a prefect for three years, I have learnt much from my work, which helped me to be more mature and be more considerate to others. Moreover, I have learnt how to cooperate with the others, which is very important for my own development.

As I have mentioned before, I have got a lot of happiness in our work. This is because I think the work of us is meaningful. A typical example is the Blood Donation, which was held on 14th January, 1998. On that day, 67 brave young men have donated their blood for the patients in need. I believe that we have done a meaningful job to save many people. Now I can truly and fully understand the happiness of helping others.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our principal, Mr. Norman So; the two Assistant Principals, Mr. Damien Yue and Mr. Leung Wai Kwong; our Discipline Master, Mr. Eric Kan; the Discipline Board members, namely Mr. Ashok Daswani, Mr. Percival Ho, Mr. Ho Lai Hang, Mr. Francis Lai, Mr. Raylex Lee, Mr. Howard Tong and Mr. Wong Kang Ming; Rickie Kwong and David Yiu, Head Perfect and his Deputy last year and our Deputy Head Prefect this year, Ronald Wong, for their guidance and invaluable advice this year.

Joseph Mak
Head Prefect