For the past years, I have made a survey of Form Three students. My interests are to understand them better, but the results could help parents and teachers to reflect themselves on the questions asked and think of students in another way.

In the first week of January 1998, I gave 58 questions to the Form Three Students who are in five classes, and they numbered 208. I am grateful for the 3K students for collating the results. In March, I again asked 16 questions to the same students, and I am grateful for the help of 3S students in making conclusions. It must be considered that some students might not have understood questions, while others might not want to give an answer. So the results are very rough.


90% were born in Hong Kong, showing 21 were born elsewhere. Their parents were different in that 50% of the Fathers and 61% of the Mothers were Hong Kong born.

The students had an average weight of 54 kg; their heights varied from 150 cm to 180 cm, giving an average height of 163 cm.

81% of the students were 15 years old, while 13% were 16. The months of the year they were born were: Jan 12%, Feb 7%, Mar 8%, April 9%, May 9%, June 9%, July 6%, Aug 8%, Sept 7%, Oct 9%, Nov 8%, Dec 10%.


Time spent on study a day averaged 1.74 hours. But students also have other activities.

Hours spent A WEEK at activities: computer 6 hours; study only 1.9 hours; listening to cassettes 3.5 hours; radio 3 hours; magazines and comics 3 hours; reading (not study) 4 hours. These are averages which show the trend. It must be remembered that some would answer zero hrs a week!

Asked how many hours a week the student sees the Father, the figure of 28 was obtained, while the Mother was seen 45 hours a week. Meals were eaten between 6-7pm by 34% and from 7-8pm by 48%. The number eating together were: TWO 25%; THREE 36%; FOUR 19%. A Filipina domestic helper was in 19% of the families.

The Homes were owned by 65%, with 11% paying rent, and 14% in Ownership Schemes. The AREA of of the homes were : 28% 300sqft; 30% 600sqft;

22% 900sqft; 18% over 1000sqft. 60% of the students had their own room.

LOCATION of the homes: Shamshuipo and Mei Foo 19%; Mongkok 9%; Kowloon City area 8%; Homantin 5%; Yautsim 4%; Hung Hom 5%; Kwun Tong 6%; New Territories 19%. For the first time, there was one in Tung Chung! But more interesting was to see where they lived according to the new elections areas, which showed living places as: Kowloon South 22% (49); Kowloon West 23%; Kowloon North 6%; Kowloon East 18%; NT West 9%; NT East 16%; HK 3%.

When asked how long they had lived at their present home, 10% said two years or less, 12% four years, 25% six years, 21% eight years, and 12% twelve years of more.


This showed how many lived near the school as it took an average of twenty minutes to school: 20% ten min; 30% twenty min; 28% thirty min; 15% forty-five min; 6% sixty min.


They came to school by walking (20%), MTR (40%), bus (23%), KCR (8%), private car (2%), by combination of transport (7%).


Money that goes through their hands every week: $50 (20%), $150 (30%), $300 (40%) and $500(10%). This does not indicate how much was spent on transport or meals.

As for the family income, students would not be clear about it, but their answers to total monthly family income were: $25,000 (39%), $35,000 (38%), $55,000 (11%), $80,000 (8%) and $100,000+ (6%). It might be noted that the median family income in 1996 was $18,000 a month.


72% of the parents travelled to their place of origin. 80% of students had travelled to PRC; 20% to Europe; 20% to SE Asia; 10% to North America; 15% to Macau; 5% to Taiwan.


40% would like to live abroad and 45% would like to study abroad. Half the parents would like their son to study abroad and 21% would like to emigrate.

AGE of parents

Mothers were about 40 and Fathers indicated an average of



47 years of age.



Primary 22%,
Secondary 45%,
Tertiary 24%,
None 9%
Primary 13%,
Secondary 50%,
Tertiary 31%,
None 6%


Fathers' Putonghua A12% B32% C43% D12% Mothers' Putonghua A15% B28% C45% D24% Fathers' English A19% B25% C44% D21% Mothers' English A20% B26% C30% D24% Students averaged C for Putonghua and B for English.


Mothers' occupation: 44% were full time homemakers; 8% part time workers, 6% teachers, 5% nurses, 5% sales and 30% other. Fathers' occupation: 19% workers, 14% management, 17% civil service, 5% education, 6% transport, 10% engineering, 11% medicine and pharmacy, 7% sales, 6% secretarial, 4% professional, 1% retired.


Students are ambiguous about how they would spend their life but these are tentative: 14% Computers, 13% Business, 12% Science, 7% Art and Music, 7% Medicine, 7% Education, 4% Finance, 3% Law, 21% others or undecided.

Average time they spend a WEEK on: Sports 3 hrs, Clubs 1.5 hrs, Games 4 hrs, Music 2.5 hrs.


60% say they feel pressure at school.

50% didn't participate in school activities.

67% say they would like more classes, 91% would like more activities but 28% would like more discipline. Finally 83% would like activities with girls.


Most important for a Catholic School is the religious background of the students. 52% come from Catholic Primary schools and 37% come from other Christian schools, 4% from government schools and 7% for other primary schools.

17% say they are Catholic (14% say they go to Sunday Mass) and 7% other Christian, 7% of Chinese religion. 38% have religious objects in their home.

Harold Naylor
28 March 1998

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