1.Campus Network Project

In an attempt to link up all computers in the school into a single network, the Campus Network Project was proposed in Feb 1997. At that time, there were only a few isolated networks spreading over the campus. They were located in the Students' Library, Computer Room, etc. Our first step is to build up a network that allows students and teachers to share all resources among the small networks. The next step is to wait for the government to provide financial support for us to rent a leased line. Although the solutions provided by the government are standard, it might not satisfy all our needs. The project should be a non-expensive pilot test to identify needs and to demonstrate the possibilities.

'Our vision is to let Wah Yan boys have Internet Access wherever possible in the school campus.' said Mr. Wong Wai Leung. In addition, everyone has 'the right to know and use the new Information Technology.'

During the planning period, a team of F.3 and F.4 students began to assist the teachers to investigate the technical implementation, while the teachers talked with School Net of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on technical arrangements. In March 1997, a server for students' email and access to the Internet

were set up and all networks were linked up into one single network.

In May 1997, a series of presentations on the campus email and Internet services were organised by the school authorities. All Wahyanites had hand-on experience on email and WWW Browsing.

This is only an experimental network. A team of students and teachers were working hard to demonstrate the possibilities of modern technology. All teachers and students involved in the project have learned a lot.

In Jan 1998, our school was chosen as one of the schools in Education Department's Pilot Internet/Intranet Scheme for teaching and learning. A 256K leased line (5 to 6 times of a 28.8k modem's speed) was installed in our school. The bandwidth of accessing local and overseas sites was greatly enhanced. This enabled us to provide more services to Wahyanites. Two workstations were put in the Common Room to allow students to read emails and to surf on the WWW during recess and lunch times.

The coverage of our network has extended to almost the whole campus. The first phase of the network has covered most of the main building, including all staff

rooms, Art Room, History Room, Geography Room, Computer Room, Students' Association, Careers Room, Assistant Principals' Office, School Office, Common Room and the Students' Library. The second phase, completed in Easter 1998, has covered both the Physics and Chemistry Laboratory, Fathers' Quarters and even as far as the sports section. Our project of linking up the whole school into a network is gradually taking shape.

2.The Development of Information Technology in WYK

Information Technology is a tool that can shape the 21st Century. While the government is promoting it and more and more students are connected to the Internet, our school is already one step ahead. We have already begun promoting and using IT since the late 1980s.

The Students' Library is a good example to show our school's IT Development. In late 1980s, the library book-loaning system was computerised. Several computers were installed to let students search books through the computerised catalogue. In the early 1990s, a LAN was set up in the library to make the work more efficient. Few years later, a P5 was installed for Internet access. Last year, we received 30 computers from a donor. They are now used for text mode Internet services and

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