What is the greatest expectation of human beings? Being Bill Gates II? To get the Nobel Prize? No, the greatest one is the simplest, the expectation from your parents.

When you are an embryo having just formed inside your mother's ovary, expectations come. Your parents think, 'Is it a lovely little boy or girl? Or even twins? What is the appearance? Like father of mother?' All these 'silly' questions will be solved when you are born, but it is not the end. More and more expectations will continue to come and suffocate you throughout your life. Below is Brian's story......

Just living with his parents for the very first few days, his quietness was highly appreciated. Then they were in panic --- why didn't he cry or shout? Things did not meet their expectation, they might think that he was perhaps deaf or dumb. Quickly they brought him to the most experienced doctor. The doctor must thank God that the money flew into his pocket so easily. He, of course, was just like an ordinary baby, but his parents doubted the doctor's words, so he was brought to another

doctor. That's why doctors can earn so much money even if clinics are found everywhere. They were relieved when he cried out at last because he hadn't acquired any defects. After a short while , they found that the crying was abnormal. Why did he cry so often? So they brought him to those doctors again. It was normal that the antibodies from the mother had been used up and the bacteria was invading him now. It was again beyond their expectations; they used to think that they would give all the best to the baby and wouldn't let him suffer. They thought it was their fault and they took care of him with devotion, just like the nurses in the Intensive Care Unit.

When he was three, they had to find a kindergarten for him. Before seeing the headmaster, they taught him to answer questions. For example, if he asks you how you came to this school, just answer him, "Sir, I came here by a private car." Understand? Now, say it after me, "Sir, I came here by a private car." At last, with a little bit of fortune, the school accepted his application. Good luck to him but hard luck for the school, it is simply because he menaced the

tranquility of the school. One day, his mother received a call from the classmistress, 'Please come to school at once.' 'What's the matter? Was there any accident? I'll come immediately!' When she arrived, anxiously she asked, 'Where's he now? Is he hurt?' 'Calm down, madam. He is fine, but not his classmates. Can you spare a couple of minutes to hear something about your son? Your son is a genius, no doubt about that , but in class, he didn't pay much attention to the teacher. He's just fooling around and talking to his neighbours. I have arranged eight quiet students to sit around him but what came out was the eight students were being distracted by him! I once tested him with some difficult questions which are from an upper level, unbelievably he knew them all. He was precise and accurate. In his examination, he finished it with flying colours. Can you please tell me what is going on?' Once again, it was the aftermath of the high expectations from the parents. His parents wanted him to learn more and so they teach him everything even if it was from an upper level. As a result, he paid no attention to the teacher, thinking that it was easy and boring.

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