Paradise Lost?

The areas of the tropical rain forests deforest every year. We do not notice that we can get a lot of benefits from the forests beside the timber. Medicine is one of the advantages from the forest. Forests are a gene bank containing wild plants which resist diseases. Sufferers from high blood pressure can get relief from a kind of snakeroot plant. Furthermore, some of them have an anti-cancerous effect. And yet, as the forests are being cut down, such plants -- and the hope they embody -- are being destroyed.

Not only are medical advances given by forests, we also can get some staple food from the rainforest, such as coffee and rice. What's more, every day we use products made from forests. Most common uses are fuel, rubber, paper or even lipsticks, etc.

It takes more than ten years for a tree to grow. However, it takes only minutes to cut down a tree. This gives a horrible result because we should know that most of the oxygen is provided by world's forests. The more trees we cut down, the less oxygen we will have. On the other hand, forests contain more than half of all plant and animal species. If we continue to cut down the tree, some plants will be extinct. It also takes away the homes of animals. Forests are also home of indigenous people


which provide food shelter and culture for these people. As the forests are being cut down, it forces these people to find a new place to live. Forests cover almost ten percent of earth's surface. Trees bind there the earth with there roots, protecting the soil from erosion. When they are cut down, the earth is nearly naked, only to be flushed away by rain and desiccated by sun or attacked by wind. Deforestation is a main factor in the increase of flood as well as drought.

'Though it sounds hard to do so, where there is a will there is a way. Think for a movement.'

Tropical forests can also be named as vast libraries. We are now destroying the libraries before we dip a few of their volumes. The Greenhouse effect is one of the scientific disasters which results researchers from the rain forests.

For all these reason's, we realize that forests are very important to us and it can also bring us a lot of benefits. Just imagine how we can live without trees. We need to take action. For years, some people with the kindness of their heart have formed a few societies to protect the forests from lumbering. They think lumbering is a robbing industry. Yes loggers, the most sensible economic approach is to cut down as many trees as quickly as possible. One reason is the

s price of most tree species in forests. Typically, they rise in value annually. Clearly, it make no economic sense to delay harvests. So, for these reasons, it is necessary for us to do something in our daily life. What can we do...

There are several ways for us to do. In my opinion, it is not sensible to stop using any products made from timber. The most important thing is education, starting from children. Give them a succinct description about how serious deforestation nowadays. Then make them understand the role of the forests. On the other hand, maybe we can take a degree in environmental studies in schools. Another solution might be to certify wood which comes from the societies of environmental protection. In theory, consumers would buy only this wood and so force logging companies to "green" or bring an end to their business.

Though it sounds hard to do so, where there is a will there is a way. Think for a movement. What will be the result if we continue to cut down trees? We are conducting with our planet. We do not know what the outcome will be. If we make a mess of it, we cannot move to another planet... This is destruction of our planet, we must solve the problem. One thing we need to believe is that 'It's never too late to mend.' I truly hope the forests and planet, our "Paradise", can be saved in the near future!

David Chan

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