Last night, I wandered haphazardly along the seafront near the Cultural Centre alone. Besides me, there were three to four couples watching the Victoria Harbour. They seemed to be enjoying the tranquil atmosphere and the refreshing air. I was wondering why the Victoria Harbour could be so charming and attractive to them?

The moon shined bright. In such a night as this, I let myself bathed under the moonlight. Wind swayed as gentle breeze as if to welcome me. I felt my eyelids dropping and relaxed. My memory seemed to be fading away. I looked at the dark sea with some lights of ships glittering. Gradually, my soul was "distracted" from my body and swan across the sea. A subtle feeling rushed to my mind. I saw many vessels, ranging from large cargo ship to small junks. Wind caressed the sea. The traditional Chinese junks, bringing about an oriental flavour, sailed slowly, but unsteadily. They appeared to me that they could be blown to the sky by sea waves! If my fantasy could be achieved, the scene must be blinking fabulous! Nevertheless, the current scene was already so breathtaking that my mind was tossing on the sea, thinking of enjoying which part of the exceptionally spectacular sea.

Besides the vessels, the sea waves caused by breezes also fascinated me. All at once, I heard some sweet sound. Where did the sound come from? It was of course the voice of the sea. I had long felt sure that the sea could speak; yet it was a lovely and terrible shock when it did. The pattern


of the sea waves was absolutely a melodious song sang by a choir. No! Not exactly a choir! The waves liked an orchestra. The violin family, augmented by woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, altogether composed a sweet song. A fairy melody was built by merging the soaring notes. The melody was even ornamented by the slight sounds produced by sea waves which were likely to bring me to a heavenly dream, to the paradise of music! Each note had its own character. Nimble notes after notes flied into my ears without cease. I could not help swaying my body with the beat of the music. Meanwhile, the sound of ship, wind and all kinds of natural sound played a philharmonic performance. Hearing this kind of natural sound was something that could be rarely experienced in such an ever-changing society - Hong Kong.

The sound produced was trapped in between the skyscrapers along the seafronts. It echoed and echoed again and again, thereby resounding the whole Victoria Harbour with the most unbelievably mellifluous music. My ears were ringing with the thundering echoes multiplied by a sudden hush. I was totally intoxicated by the marvelous music and overwhelmed by the splendid atmosphere. It was really an exhilarating experience listening to the music.

I stood there still blissfully absorbed in the music and hypnotized by the melody. Personally, I was so eager to shout, scream and clap my hands as loud as possible so as to manifest my appreciation.

However, worrying of missing the melodious music for even a second, I had to tell myself keeping silence and pricking up my ears. All in all, they composed such a breathtaking picture which was beyond praise. I was petrified with appreciation.

'...I could do nothing but to glorify and extol the virtues of Nature. My soul was awakened and my heart was brightened. '

Listening to the music with rapt attention, I found something blocking my sight slightly. I did not know whether this is merely my imagination or not. Then, I examined it carefully. My finding was great! Even mist was attracted or "summoned" to the Victoria Harbour by the melodic music, forming a superb view. Although it was only a very thin mist, as thin as a sheet of paper, the visibility was more or less affected. Nonetheless, this mist not only posed a blemish to the scenery, but it spread the Harbour with a veil of subtlety and mystery. The water droplets suspended in the air had magic! They caused somewhat the occurrence of mirage. Although it seemed to be a little bit absurd that mirage occurred in sub-tropical regions, I really saw it! The building of the opposite side liked a faded photography. All the objects appeared distorted, elongated, and suspended in the air, producing a so-called looming effect. I could no longer comment on this scene as I had nothing in my brain already facing this spectacle.

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