The Caritas Bazaar

Caritas Bazaar, a function representing charity and social services, is well known among Hong Kong people. This event also gives Wahyanites an experience in contributing to raising funds for the Caritas Group. Talented Wah Yan boys are given a chance for self-expression, while those dedicated ones can use this time to give a hand to the needy throughout the event.

Since Wahyanites have participated in the Caritas Bazaar for almost ten years, Caritas Bazaar is becoming an annual event of school life. A relationship between Wah Yan boys and the Bazaar has been built. It is true that Caritas Bazaar is a chance to arouse Wahyanites with a sense of social concern.

In order to make the Bazaar a success, the organizing committee started the preparation work since its formation in early October. Making different concepts into reality was not an easy task, but the members of the committee tried their best to solve the problems. The strong support from the school, the valuable advice and experiences given from the former committee members, eventually, gave us the essential power to work. It is also our pleasure to receive the generous support and appreciation from all the Wahyanites. Undoubtedly, the support is the most important element for us to continue our work.

The preparation work was heavy and was not initially realized by schoolmates. The committee was divided into five sections. Different members from each section were distributed with differing tasks. Following with the work of promotion, the members of the Souvenir Section worked hard to contact producers to make products which were of good quality and low cost. Promotion of these products, which were printed with attractive logos, was actively finished at school.

The products were sold among staff and schoolmates, and were also sold in the Bazaar stalls. They received unimaginable welcome. The Prize Section was responsible for telephoning and sending letters to companies to sponsor us with goods, which were used as prizes. Without these prizes, we would not be able to run the game stalls so efficiently. On the other hand, the members in Stall Section concentrated in designing games to attract more visitors. Encouraging schoolmates to create their own games stall was hard work indeed. The preparation of the complicated 'Big Hammer', which was the most representative stall, was finally done successfully. Designing the decoration of the main stall was prepared by the members of the Publicity Section. While the members of the Raffle Ticket Section were responsible for the printing of raffle tickets, application for a lottery license, organization of lucky draw and prizes, and booking newspaper advertisements for lottery results. Their efforts paid off by as we raised more funds for the Caritas Group.

Workers were busy setting up the stall on the day before the Bazaar. The Bazaar opened their door at 10 a.m. on 2nd November. Wahyanites were all excited as their efforts could be demonstrated among visitors at the Fa Hui Playground. We wore the specially designed T-shirts and started to run our stalls with high morale. The fine weather and the wonders of the event had attracted far more visitors than expected. As our game stalls were highly welcomed, our workers were busily operating the stalls without even a minute's rest. While some were running around, persuading visitors to buy flowers, balloons and souvenirs, others even cried loudly to attract people to visit the 'Big Hammer'. The objective of all the workers was to raise as much money as possible. An indescribable power led us to work until 6 p.m. as the function came to an end. One of our game stalls had won the first runner-up in the stall competition. Large amounts of cash was collected and we believed that the time spent was worthwhile.

I would like to take this chance to apologize for any inconvenience and mistakes made by the Bazaar Organizing Committee. I would like to express my gratitude to the companies and people who sponsored us with prizes, volunteer workers, organizing members who devoted themselves into this function enthusiastically, the school authorities and staff, and schoolmates who supported us to run the function. I believe that the money we raised for the Caritas will eventually be beneficial to those in need, helping them to have a better life.

We Wahyanites have gained a valuable experience unlike any other -- an opportunity to give a little back to our community.

Lui Kwok Yiu, Nathaniel
Chairman of the Organizing Committee Of Caritas Bazaar 1997

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