Prize Section

When I was a Form Three boy, I participated in the Caritas Bazaar as a game stall worker. At that time, when people won a game, I did not realize that attempting to win prizes could be a challenging task.

Being the head of the Prize Section this year, I had to ask for sponsorship from different companies. After picking up the job, quite a number of difficulties surfaced. First, we had to gather enough members. Find patrons was the most important work. After searching through the Yellow Pages, we phoned the respective companies. At that time, we talked like answering machines, repeatedly asking for prizes. The feedback, however, was not good. There was a prize shortage crisis. After lengthy evaluation, we put much effort in widening our information search area. Our efforts paid off at last. Prizes were far more than we expected and this made the games stalls a great success.

We learned how to communicate with others and gained many experiences through this event. I would like to express my gratitude to my helpful members. Of course, we have to especially thank our patrons for their generous support.

Eric Lee
Head of the Prize Section

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