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Being the Stall Manager was not as easy as I thought. However, it did bring out the best of my expectations. At the very beginning, I was not entirely devoted to the organizing work. After some time, I realized my responsibilities and picked up the work.

Every year, we open the game stalls to all Wahyanites to design and be responsible for. After the promotion period, we got two designs from the lower forms and some from the Form Six students who took the responsibilities of the rest of the stalls.

On the day before the Bazaar, we stayed overnight for the preparation and looked after the souvenirs. Although it was cold at night and we were without any sleeping facilities, we still slept so deep like logs, maybe it was because of the exhausting work during the daytime.

There is a Game Stall Design Competition every year at the Bazaar. We were lucky enough that one of our stalls won the first runners-up prize. All in all this greatly lifted our spirits.

When the Bazaar opened, it was unexpected that our game stalls were crowded with people and prizes. We actually ran out of souvenirs within half a day. Our traditional game stall, the Big Hammer, was still the focus of all our stalls. There were altogether three 'muscular men' won the prized. Mr. Norman So, our Principal, and Mr. Donald Tsang, The SAR Financial Secretary, also tried their luck at the 'Big Hammer'.

The Bazaar ended at 6pm. That evening, nevertheless, some visitors stayed behind looking for cheap or even free souvenirs.

After a long day's work, we cleaned up, packed our things and returned to school, dragging our fully exhausted bodies.

Here I would like to thank those who had devoted themselves to the Bazaar.

Cuthbert Lo
Stall Manager


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