Raffle Ticket Section

As in previous years, raffle tickets were issued this year in our Caritas Bazaar to raise fund. Nevertheless, due to some uncontrollable factors, raffle tickets were only available to our schoolmates for sale after the Bazaar. Thank God, we still got great support from our students and a large amount of funds was raised for Caritas.

Throughout the preparation of raffle tickets, we encountered many unexpected problems and were short of time to finish all the work. These included finding shops which would sell gifts at the lowest price for our lucky draw. In addition, we had to keep proper records of all tickets. The main delay was due to the application for the lottery license, which took two weeks' processing time. Luckily, the person-in-charge of the printing company who is one of our Form 7 student's father, not only gave us a very low price for printing the tickets but also finished the tickets quickly. Thus, we were able to distribute the tickets to our students soon after the Bazaar.

I would like to express many thanks to Mr. Wong of China Fen Fin Printing Company Limited, all members of my committee and those who supported Caritas and bought the raffle tickets.

Leung Sik Fai, Siegfried
Head the of Raffle Ticket Section


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