Blood Donation
Reported by Dominic Wong

''Have you donated your blood yet?' This question was frequently asked in the morning of 14th January, 1998 among the senior formers because that was the day of blood donation. At about 8:50a.m., the Red Cross Mobile Unit arrived at our school. The skillful nurses and workers started the preparation work in the Common Room. When everything was ready, the donors were brought down to the Common Room by the school prefects.

Firstly, each donor was asked to fill in a form with their personal information, those who were aged between 16 and 18 should also submit a parent consent form. After that, they did a simple haemoglobin test to check if the blood concentration was up to standard. They were then required to lie on the canvas beds and relax throughout the process of blood donation. During that period, those donors, who were waiting for their turns, stared at the tube that were transferring the blood. Though the facial expression of them showed peacefulness, but their eyes seemed to be asking, 'Will that be painful?' The duration of each donation was about 15 minutes. Only a few of them were asked to sit for a bit longer time to get recovered. After the whole process had finished, each donor was served with a drink and packs of biscuits at the refreshment area. They gathered there to share the feelings during the rest time. Most of them looked ecstatic. Maybe the sense of fear was relieved. The donation came to an end at noon.

This year, the total number of blood donors was 67, among them were 3 of the teaching staff. This result can be regarded as very satisfactory when compared with last year's. However, it could be more successful. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the temperature dropped suddenly before the day of blood donation. Many students felt unwell. Even worse, some caught a cold, and so they missed the chance this year. Besides, as most of the Wahyanites are absent-minded, quite a number of students under 18 who wanted to give blood had forgotten to bring along with their parent consent forms. In view of this problem, the staff of the Red Cross said that they would do more promotion work in the coming year. Hoping that there will be more donors in the next year since we should remember that one of our goals is to be 'a Man for Others!' Blood donation is such a meaningful event that can help the needy.

Lastly, a vote of thanks should be given to the School Prefects and the Red Cross staff for their help in ensuring the blood donation to run so smoothly and orderly.

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