Teacher-in-charge and Advisor:
Mr. Percival Ho
Fr. Anthony Farren, S.J.
Kwong Sin Hang, Jimmy 6B
Wong Pak Cheung, Ronald 6B
List of Debaters:
Lui Kai Chung, Anthony
Ting Kai, Kurt
Cheung Ip Ho, David
Chan Chun Ho, Kevin
Li Hong Yu, Clement
Ko Man Hon, Gary
Yung Pun To, Douglus
Wan King Doy, David
Ko Man Ho, Raymond
Lau Shek Wai, Shelock
Chan Hak Ming, Hackmen

Debating is part of the proud traditions in Wah Yan. The English Debating Team has been shouldering the mission in organizing spectacular centralized and external English debates throughout the academic year of 97'-98'.

Since October 97, the Team has been participating in the Inter-school English Debate Competition 97', organized by the British Council. The experience was valuable as it taught our novices the genuine system and skills in debating.

Undoubtedly, excellent debating skills are the indispensable tools of success in many fields. Believing in "Challenge makes things perfect", our team engaged elite opponents among the territory in significant number of external friendly competitions.

Special attention should be paid to the Tetra-cyclic Mixed Debate (TMD). As the Person-In-Charge of the Organizing Committee, I have the honour here to announce the success of launching a total of 8 debates. A vote of thanks must go to dedicated ones who pay great enthusiasm in contributing efforts in the TMD. To many fellows, this system is quite an unprecedented as each team comprises four students of the participating schools. Independent thinking, incisive arguments, careful listening ability, witticism and the utmost, team co-operation were subconsciously acquired by many of us after continual debates.

Besides the encouraging results, above all, friendship between debaters is the most vital spin-off.

The English Debating Team has surely offered me many joyful moments. In my point of view, it is rewarding to see our team members growing in strength of many fields in debate.

The achievement of our team, all in all, passed muster this year. At last, on behalf of the English Debating Team, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our advisors Mr. Percival Ho, Fr. Anthony Farren, S.J., and our principal Mr. Norman So for their invaluable advice and generous support to the team. A vote of thanks must also be given to Mr. Daswani and Mr. David Leung for their support as adjudicators in debates. Accompanied with their help, the Team would certainly march into a new era!

Kwong Sin Hang, Jimmy