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Speech Day 97
Reported by Ken Wong

Speech day is the most remarkable and memorable occasion every year. To Wah Yan boys, it is a great honour to be present on that day. To the graduates and prize winners, it is not only a reward for their toil, but the beginning of a new stage on the road of their life as well. To the Fathers and teachers, it is time for them to reap the harvest of their great efforts. On Thursday, 27th November 1997, Fathers, teachers, graduates and prize winners celebrated their harvest.

It was fine on that special day and our school was crowded with Fathers, teachers, graduates and parents of students, who were here to share the splendid evening with us. At 5:15 p.m., a tea party was held in the corridor, where delicious refreshments were served. While partaking of the snacks, people were busy taking photographs and were talking freely to one another. The graduation ceremony started at 6:00 p.m.. All the people entered the school hall and the prefects started distributing the "Speech Day Program" booklets.

After the Official Party had entered the school hall, Mr. Yue Poon Leung, our Assistant Principal, presented his words of welcome and introduced the Official Party. Then, Mr. Norman So Chung Ping, our school principal, delivered his speech. In his speech, he welcomed our Guest of Honor, Episcopal Delegate for Education, Mr. Lo Kong Kai, and praised him for his efficiency and knowledge. He also pointed out that Mr. Lo had a lot of experience in education affairs. His decisions and preferences had far-reaching effects on many schools in Hong Kong. In addition, Mr. So regarded him as a great man, who is willing to dedicate his life to serve the education of the Community.

Mr. So was delighted to announce that the management and administration of our school had been in good order. He considered that our teachers had been eager to improve the school. Recently, groups of teachers and staff members made a few attempts to improve the school: the formation of the Finance Committee, the foundation of the Academic Committee, the computerization of the school and so forth.

Moreover, Mr. So encouraged us to respect God; to appreciate the history of creation; to make good use of our knowledge; to develop a sense of justice; and to make Wah Yan a good Catholic school. ' You (Wah Yan boys) have made history, have recorded history...' he said proudly and hopefully, ' ...Be a Man for Others!' The words were indeed unforgettable for all present. Wah Yan boys were brought up in a special atmosphere of unconditional forgiveness and sacrifice. They grew in body and wisdom, They would surely serve society in the future.

Finally, Mr. So gave his sincere thanks to those who had been supporting the school. Applause followed shattered the silence.

Mr. Lo Kong Kai was invited to address the school after Mr. So finished his speech. Mr. Lo admired Wah Yan College for her experienced teachers and brilliant students. He believed that study was a process of gaining knowledge. It was never-ending. On that occasion, he felt as happy as Fathers, teachers, guardians and students did. Also, Mr. Lo gave us a talk about Thanksgiving before ending.

Several speeches having been made, the next program, the Presentation of Certificates and Prizes, followed, Mr. So presented the certificates to the graduates; Father Zee presented the prizes to the prize winners. An atmosphere of excitement filled the hall. The audience applauded to praise and encourage the graduates and prize winners as they came up to the stage.

After Father Zee had presented the prizes, Father Deignan was invited to give out awards to Father Naylor, Mr. So Chung Ping, Miss Tong Miu Han, Mr. Kan Yat Cheng and Mr. Lam Wing Hong, who have been serving for many years in Wah Yan. The graduation celebration was brought to a climax as Father Naylor was receiving an award for long service in our school. At the same time, all the Wah Yan boys were standing straight up and giving bursts of applause. The applause was deafening and endless throughout the whole process.

The Chairman of Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students' Association, Mr. Lam Kwok Hing, made an announcement of the Student Ambassador Award. Long before the ceremony, the Wah Yan boys had already elected Lui Kai Chung, Ng Kwing Fei and Ting Kai to be the three outstanding students. This year, Ng Kwing Fei was chosen to be Student Ambassador by the Past Students' Association. Everyone congratulated him on his success and clapped enthusiastically.

Following that, Mr. So presented souvenirs to Mr. Lo Kong Kai and Father Deignan as well. It was then followed by the Vote of Thanks given by the Chairman of the Student Association, Ng Kwing Fei. He first congratulated the graduates and then praised our school for teaching self-reliant, self-disciplined and self-possessed students to achieve extra-curricular accomplishment and academic excellence. He regarded 1997 as a new era for us to make our history and future together. He also thanked those who always love and support us.

Afterwards, there came the melodious music performances to entertain the audience. The performances were so excellent that all present expressed their appreciation with continuous applause after each performance.

The singing of the School Hymn put an end to the ceremony. All the teachers, students and guests stood up, and sang all together. It filled the air with joy and pleasure.

The ceremony ended at 7:30 p.m.. Yet, many people still remained in school. They miss Wah Yan so much that they were reluctant to leave.


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