To let more schoolmates know about Chinese music and to increase their interest in it are always the aims of our orchestra. For this reason, we have organized many concerts and performances in this year.

The Executive Committee of the orchestra was formed in early September. To improve our techniques, we had regular practices on Saturday afternoons.

The first performances were in late September. We were invited by the Chinese Orchestra of Buddhist Tai Hung School for a celebration of their school's Red Cross. On that day, the audiences filled the hall. After our performance with the Chinese Orchestra of Buddhist Tai Hung School, we got ardent applause from the audiences.

After that, our orchestra also had an opportunity to play two pieces of songs on Speech Day, 27th November, 97. In early December before the Christmas examination, we were invited to perform some pieces of traditional Chinese songs during the Chinese-Japanese Students Exchange Day in our school hall. On that day, we played some wonderful music to the Japanese guests. After the performance, we were even asked to introduce our instruments to the guests.

After the Christmas Examination, we began our usual practices again and started to prepare for the 50th School Music Festival. On 17th January, we joined the Buddhist Tai Hung School's Chinese Orchestra to perform for the elderly in Tsz Wan Shan Buddhist Ching Hang Elder Centre. Later, we were also invited by the Past Students' Association to perform in the Annual Ball organized by the Wah Yan Past Students' Association which was held at the Regent Hotel. On that night, we performed two pieces of traditional songs, which received praises from the audiences. Afterwards, we tried all out to prepare for the Joint School Chinese Orchestra Concert which was the climax of the activities during the year. This large concert was held on 10th February, 98 in the hall of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong and on 17th February, 98 in our school hall. These two performances were named respectively as "Inter-school Chinese Orchestra Collective Performance" and "The Rhyme of Chinese Music". We held this concert with the Chinese Orchestra of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong and invited other school Chinese Orchestras, namely Diocesan Girl's School and St. Paul Convent School to perform in the concert. In both performances, there were a full house of audiences appreciating our performances. I was very glad that the concerts were held very successfully. Although it was hard to hold the concert, the work was pleasing.

In late February, the School Music Festival came. We tried our best to show our strength to the adjudicator in the competition. When the adjudicator was about to declare the "sentence", we felt very excited since it was the time to let us know whether our labour was worthwhile. Finally, we took the third place out of twenty-one. I, as the representative of the orchestra, went to get the result slip from the adjudicator. This was a quite pleasing result. The result represented our hard work for half a year. We eventually realized that our efforts paid were not spent.

We also had an opportunity to perform in a concert, Oasis, which was organized by Music Association. We formed a mixed orchestra with Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, for the concert. Our orchestra's last performance was in our school corridor in May for the Chinese-Japanese Cultural Week. This is a satisfactory year for the Chinese Orchestra.

Having participated in the orchestra for about four years, I have witnessed the growth of our orchestra which becomes stronger and stronger. On behalf of all our members, I would also like to thank our Principal, Mr. Norman So and our teacher advisor, Ms. Hwong Yen Feng, for their advice and encouragement. Finally, I hope the Chinese Orchestra will grow stronger and more wonderful thereafter.

Chu Chuen Sing, Billy

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