The Intermediate Choir, which consists of 80 members now, was founded in 1952. In this academic year, the choir members experienced a cheerful time. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman were elected by the choir members in June 1997. The past year was quite special since many of the members were from F.4 and there was only one Vice-Chairman.

The members of the Intermediate Choir were selected by our conductor, Miss Hwong. Many of them were F.4 students who spent much time preparing for the examination and other school activities. But still they were all enthusiastic members.

We began our practices for the Speech Day 97 and the 50th Music Festival just after the election. Normally, we would have practices on each Monday and Wednesday. For the initial practice of our choir, it was divided into two parts -- Bass section on Monday and Tenor section on Wednesday. After about one month, both sections had their practices on Mondays and Wednesdays. Since many members were busy engaging other activities after school, all the practices were held during lunch time. Besides, we would have the Mixed-Choir practices or the Full Choir practices on Wednesdays after school. We also had extra practices during the Lunar New Year holidays and weekends. When the competition was near, we even took some time off from the lessons for rehearsals.

Apart from the competitions in the music festival, the choir was also invited to give a performance in the Speech Day together with the Senior Choir and the Junior Choir. Under the commendable leadership of our conductor, we had a brilliant performance on the Speech Day.

Different from the previous years, we joined with the True Light Girls College to form a mixed choir. Their school was located just beside our school. It proved to be convenient for us to have practices. Both our boy's choir and mixed-choir took part in the Chinese section in the 50th Hong Kong Music Festival. Both competitions were held on 2nd March at the same place with the same adjudicator, Mr. Lam Yiu.In the boys' section of the competition, the name of the set piece was 我們祖家是歌鄉, a famous folk song. This song was quite difficult owing to the pronunciation of Putonghua. Our own choice was 大江東去, which was much easier than the set piece and it was very "powerful". During the practices, all the members concentrated really well. Under the assistance of Mr. Lee, we improved a lot at the balancing of the three sections and also the pronunciation. At last, we scored 80 marks and got the third place in the competition. The adjudicator said that we had a little problem in the pronunciation of Putonghua and we had rushed a little bit. We all thought that we could do better.

Then for the mixed choir section, the set piece was 圍爐曲 and our own choice was 渭城曲, which was chosen by Miss Hwong. The conductor of this section was Mr. Gary So. The choir members enjoyed the rehearsals very much because the conductor was a humorous person and always joked with us. During the competition, both the boys and girls performed the set piece and the own choice with beautiful, well-balanced voices and dynamic expression. As a result, we scored 82 marks, only one mark less than the winner and got the second place.

After the Music Festival, the choir had a break for about one week. Later, we were invited to have a performance of the mixed choir at the True Light Girls' College. Besides, the choir took part in the "Music Week" to give another performance. Because of this, we learned the song "Tumbalalaika" which was the set piece of the 47th Hong Kong Music Festival during the Easter holidays. I was glad that I had a chance to be the conductor of the performance. It was my best to conduct the choir. Luckily, the performance was acceptable.

Finally, I would like to present my greatest thanks to Miss Hwong, for her contribution to the choir; Miss Szeto, the music teacher of True Light Girls' College; Mr. Lee, our conductor; Mr. Gary So, a teacher who helped the mixed choir a lot; our Principal Mr. Norman So; Assistant Principals Mr. Yue and Mr. Leung for their support and concern for the choir. Besides, I would like to say thank you to the ex-chairman, Tony Lam and the Vice-Chairman, Jack Wong for their help and encouragement. With their help, everything is as one wishes. Lastly, I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the members of the Intermediate Choir for heir effort and continuing support.

Lun Siu Hong

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