Music Association (M.A.) was established in 1987, which is the most culturally active organization of the school. Since the Western Orchestra has formally been divided into String Orchestra and Wind Band this year, there are seven departments in M.A., the others being the Senior Choir, Intermediate Choir, Junior Choir, Chinese Orchestra, and the Performing Arts Society. Our Association plays a vital role in facilitating the co-operation among these seven sections and motivating our schoolmates to develop interests in learning and performing music.

Our Association was formed in September with 17 executive members. With the advice and help of our music teacher, Miss Hwong Yen Fang, and Mr. Gary So, who is the conductor of Senior Choir, our choirs and orchestras started their practices for the performance on the Speech Day'97 and the 50th Schools Music Festival. On the Speech Day (27th November 1997), the Wind Band, Chinese Orchestra and String Orchestra gave satisfactory performances on Speech Day at school. The Chinese Orchestra also took part in the performance on the Union Day (23rd January 1998). Some members of String Orchestra and Chinese Orchestra were invited to perform at the Annual Ball of the Past Students' Association (24th January 1998) at Regent Hotel. There was a joint school Chinese Orchestra performance also on 17th February 1998 after school in our school hall.

All of a sudden, Miss Hwong had a serious illness, so she had to leave the school for several months (January to May). It has a deep impact on all of us. As Miss Hwong was the conductor of the Intermediate Choir and Junior Choir, and our choir members couldn't practise on their own, Mr. Gary So and Mr Lee Tak Kwan (the previous Music teacher) became the conductors of Intermediate Choir. But it is too heavy for Mr. So to supervise the ordinary practices of Junior Choir also as he had led three choirs already. So I helped to conduct the practices of Junior Choir to reduce the pressure of the teachers.

We greatly appreciate the teaching and care of Miss Hwong, we tried our very best to prepare for the contests of the Music Festival. We did not disappoint her, that we got a better result than previous years in quite many events.

We organized a Music Week in April, in which the Orchestras performed during recess and lunchtime in corridor. There was a joint school music concert named "Oasis" held on 25th April 1998 at night. The concert was a success that the attending rate was more than 85%, up to 500 audience.

In the coming days, our members of the Senior Choir and Intermediate Choir will perform in the 45th Anniversary Ceremony which is organized by Ho Tung Tech. School for Girls for in July at City Hall. Also, the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association will celebrate its 50th anniversary this summer. Our members are invited to join the singing part of its celebrations.

Here I would like to express my gratitude to our Principal, Mr. Norman So for giving us a chance to expose ourselves in the music world, and our honorable advisors, Miss Hwong, Mr. Gary So and Mr. Lee Tak Kwan for their guidance, support and encouragement. Lastly, I would like to appreciate to all the section chairmen and members who have spent much for the Music Association.


Lai Wai Hang, William

Ms Hwong Yin Fong
Mr. So Kwan Wong

Lai Wai Hang,William 6SS
Kwong Sin Hang, Jimmy 6B
Ma Kin Keung, Martin 6S
General secretary:
Phichol Lee 6S
Internal secretaries:
Lam Kin Bong, Hubert 6B
Wan King Doy, David 4J
External secretaries:
Cheung Chuen Yih, Amos 6B
Li Hong Yu, Clement 6B
Financial secretaries:
Leung Man Hong Calvin 6SS
Lam Kwok Wai, Tony 4W
Senior Choir Chairman:
Ng Ngok Hing, Henry 6SS
Intermediate Choir Chairman:
Lam Siu Hong, Steven 4W
Junior Choir Chairman:
Cheng Ka King 2K
String Orchestra Chairman:
Chiu Tsz Yeung, William 6B
Wind Band Chairman:
Li Kwan Kit, Floyd 6B
Performing Arts Society Chairman:
Shum Ki Ming, Billy 6S
Chinese Orchestra Chairman:
Chu Chuen Sing, Billy 4Y

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