It has been three years since the re-establishment of the senior choir that we are already recognized as a strong and mature team among boys' choirs in the territory. This success is achieved by every member and our conductor, Mr Gary So.

The Senior Choir this year was formed in September 97. The choir consists of students from Form Three to Form Seven. All our members have potential in singing and it has been shown clearly throughout the year.

We have a mixed choir with Ho Tung Technical School for Girls. This year is the second year of co-operation. We enjoy our joint effort in competitions and various performances.

The problem of insufficient number of members has always haunted us since our re-establishment. This has been made worse by the occasional poor attendance of a few members .The lack of members doesn't affect the performance of our 35-member choir and the results from the Music Festival tell us that we are really a strong team.

We participated in two classes of the Music Festival: Senior Boys Choir singing in foreign languages, and Mixed Voice Choir (Senior) singing in foreign languages with Ho Tung Technical School for Girls.

The first event, Senior Boys Choir singing took place on 26 Feb 1998 at Good Hope School. The set piece was "Soldiers' Chorus" and our own choice was "Somebody's Calling My name"." Soldiers' chorus" was sung in German and it had a powerful rhythmic pattern. It was about the soldiers' feelings going to war. Our own choice "Somebody's Calling My Name" was a seriously funny spiritual song. We performed very well and so we ranked second, among two very strong choirs St. Paul Boys' school and Diocesan Boys' school. The champion of this class was St. Paul Boys' school who also performed both the set piece and their own choice very well. The result was very encouraging.

The second event, Mixed Voice Singing in foreign languages, was held on 28th Feb at Martha Boss Community Centre. The set piece was "I Love All Beauteous Things" and our own Choice "Oy, plona, plona, Korobushka". Our own Choice "Oy, plona, plona, Korobushka" is a Russian song which is well-known by every people and we performed it very well. The problem came from the set piece "I Love All Beauteous Things". This is a song praising everything we have. The tempo we chose was slower than what the adjudication had expected. Although we lost in that event, we were very pleased with our own performance.

After the Music Festival, our choir and the mixed choir performed in Oasis which was a Music Concert held at our school. And on 15 July 1998, some of our members performed in the musical organised by the Ho Tung Girls' school. By participating in these kinds of performances, we hope our members can have more experience and better training of our voice.

Finally, on behalf of all our members, I would like to thank our principal, Mr Norman So, our assistant Principals, Mr Damien Yue, Mr W.K.Leung, our teachers and advisors, Mr Gary So, Miss Hwong Yen Fong, Mr T.K. Lee and Miss Eva Kam, the music teacher of Ho Tung Technical School for Girls. Without them, we would not have had such great improvement in singing. We hope we can further improve our choral singing skills and become even stronger in every sense.

Henry Ng

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