The Western Orchestra has a history of 17 years. During these 17 years, the orchestra has been continuously expanding and improving. To us, 1997 was significant in the history of our orchestra. We have a great revolution in our formation. This year, the Western Orchestra is a transient organization, formed by members selected from the String Orchestra and the Wind Band, rather than a permanent organization. This year, we participated in the 50th Music Festival and gave a performance in the Music Concert, organized by Music Association in April 1998.

This was the third time we participated in the Intermediate Section of School Orchestra in Music Festival. We began our preparation in January. Thanks to our conductors, Mr. Wong Wai Ming and Mr. Ku Kam Shing. Their guidance was very valuable to us. Mr. Wong also acted as the spirit of the orchestra and led us to compete in the competition in 3rd March. We did quite well in our performance, "John Henry -- A Railroad Ballad for Orchestra" by Aaron Copland and "Rosamunde" by Schubert and we earned 83 marks without any places. Although this 83 marks was a bit disappointing to us, we gained much experience and knew where our weakness lies.

We also performed in the Music Concert in mid-April. This time, Mr. Ku led us to give a brilliant performance of "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn. Without his help, we could not have given such an excellent performance. This year's activities of the orchestra seemed to come to an end after the concert. However, every member knows this is just temporary. We will continue our wonderful activities next year.

Next year will be difficult to both the String Orchestra and the Wind Band, but we are sure that if we can co-operate well and are willing to spend our time, we must do better in the forthcoming year. Finally, on behalf of the orchestra, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our conductors, Mr. Wong Wai Ming and Mr. Ku Kam Shing again, our advisors, Miss Hwong Yen Fang and Mr. Gary So. Also, we must express our deepest thanks to all members who have joined and supported us. We won't forget what we did together this year!

Chiu Tsz Yeung
Chairman of String Section

Li Kwan Kit, Floyd
Chairman of Wind Band

String Orchestra



Wind Band

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