'Wind Band is joy.
Wind Band is unity.
Wind Band life gets along well. '

This is what Wind Band is like this academic year. I am proud to say that this is what makes a successful band.

The aim of the Wind Band is to provide students who play wind instrument with opportunities to show their talents through musical performances. The Wind Band has only a short history of two years. Although our history is not very long, we have expanded very rapidly. In early-September, we recruited several talented instrument players, such as Yu Chi Wing and Yip Shu Kwun, Quincy. Thus, the total number of members was largely increased from 23 members to about 30 members. This year, we performed on Speech Day in November and Music Concert in April. Also, selected members had a chance to join the Western Orchestra and compete in the 50th Music Festival in March on behalf of the school.

Our first activity was performing "Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Portrait for Band" by Sergei Rachmaninoff on Speech Day in November. We started our preparation in mid-September. Regular practices were held every Sunday afternoon. We were glad to be guided by our good conductor, Mr. Ku Kam Shing. Although some members were new in this year, the performance was far better than expected, especially the splendid piano solo by Thung Chi Ming, Herbert. Our success was mainly due to the efforts of our members. Our attendance was very good throughout this year. I hope we can keep this up in the future.

Due to the insufficient number of brass players and percussion instruments, we couldn't participate in the school band section competition in the Music Festival. Only selected members could have the chance to join the Western Orchestra to participate in the Intermediate Section of School Orchestra. I felt very sorry for those members who were not selected. Unison was the most obvious problem. However, Mr. Ku helped us to handle it. Extra rehearsals were held before the Music Festival. Being too nervous still made some problems in our unison during the competition day. Fortunately, it was not too obvious. We could not get any prizes in the competition and were rather disappointed. Anyway, we gained experience in joining the competition.

The activities of the Wind Band did not come to an end after the Music Festival. Nearly all the Wind Band members joined the Western Orchestra to perform "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn in the Music Concert in April. Mr. Ku led us in the performance. We received good comments from teachers and fellow schoolmates.

As mentioned above, the lack of percussion and brass instruments was the greatest problem. A band requires lots of musical instrument. We hope to get more subsidies from the school in order to make us well-provided and form a complete school band in Wah Yan.

To conclude this year's activities, although we haven't got any prizes for the school, we have improved a great deal. We knew where our weakness lies, we are more proficient in skills, we know one another better and we know what we should do next year. This is the Wind Band, a band which belongs to every members. I am sure that if we can co-operate well and are willing to spend our time, we must do better in the forthcoming year and be able to overcome all the problems.

On behalf of the Wind Band, I would like to take the opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to our principal, Mr. Norman So, our conductor, Mr. Ku Kam Shing, our advisors, Miss Hwong Yen Fang and Mr. Gary So. I also need to thank some contributive members such as Thung Chi Ming, Herbert, Law Hui Fai, Leung Shu Sang, Leung Chi Shing and To Wai Ting and especially two graduated Wah Yan students, Li Ping Hung and Chu Chun On. Although they had to face public examinations, they came back to help us many many times. So "Once a Wind Band member, a Wind Band member for life". Last but not least, may I also thank all the members of the band for their enthusiastic support, cooperation and efforts. May the Wind Band be more successful next year.

Let's remember all these happy memories of this year forever!

Li Kwan Kit, Floyd

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