The report of the Athletic Team 1997-1998

This is my honour to be the Captain of the Athletic Team this academic year. At first, I worried that I could not do it so well because I did not have much experience on track events. After careful consideration, having been a Wahyanite for almost 6 years, I do have the responsibility to offer my contributions to my school, so I dare to take this post finally.

In fact, the workload of the Captain was not as heavy as I had expected. At the beginning, in order to replace the track suits of the team as well as to boost the morale among athletes, I took our design everywhere to look for a sports shop that would print our school name on the track suits at a reasonable price. Owing to the large amount of track suits ordered, the work became much more difficult. Finally, we could find a shop which produced a large quantity of track suits at a reasonable price.

However, after submitting the proposal to our Principal, the whole team felt disappointed since he did not approve it. Luckily, our athletes still practised frequently.

Before the Inter-School Athletic Competition, I had quite a lot of work to do, such as making banners and printing vests for the athletes. In addition, we did much promotion but did not really understand why the response was the same as the previous years' - only a few schoolmates went to support us.

On the day of the Competition, we hung up the banner and took the best place for supporters in the early morning. Originally, I had plenty of work to do. Fortunately, I got the helpful Vice-Captain and other athletes to relieve my pressure. Everything went on smoothly. We were delighted that our efforts were rewarded as we got the overall second runner-up. I was proud of them indeed.

As I have mentioned, I feel sorry that I haven't done my job perfectly throughout the whole year: I forgot to help a few athletes to apply for the events; the quality of the vests was not good; one participate in a certain event during the Inter-School Athletic Competition. Therefore, now, I take this opportunity to apologize for my faults. I hope that the Captain next year will be able to do better and lead our team to achieve a better result.


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