The 55th Athletic Meet
20th November 1997

'The first field event will start at one fifteen. Competitors for A-grade javelin please report to the competing ground.'

This announcement triggered off the heats of the 55th Annual Athletic Meet which was held at the Hammer Hill Road Stadium on the afternoon of 20th November, 1997 as in previous years.

At about one o'clock our schoolmates entered the stadium within several minutes. Most of the benches of the spectators' stand were occupied by our schoolmates. Although the competition was delayed for a while, the enthusiasm of our schoolmates was not cooled down. Instead, some of them made use of this opportunity to cheer for their class and to create encouraging slogans.

The weather being fine, with light and refreshing breeze, the competitors all performed at their very best. The competition started with the heats. In order to clinch a place in the finals, competitors did their best. Chorus of excitement, applause and cries from the students echoed throughout the stadium. With the heartfelt support from our classmates, the participants had a satisfactory result and a number of records were broken.

Then came the highlights of the day, the two relay races, 4x100m and 4x400m. All the teams did very well. I think all the teams deserved a medal. However, there was only one champion. If all athletes practise hard, they can all be champions in the future.

Finally, our Principal, Mr. Norman So, gave us a concluding speech and presented the prizes to the Individual Champions and Inter-class Champions. All in all, the 55th Annual Athletic Meet proved to be a great success with the co-operation of the students. We hope that the forthcoming Athletic Meet will also be a resounding success.





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