The Report of Football Team 1997-1998

The 'Lion' has finally awaken from the dead sleep. When compared to the dead sleep, the lion is now inspired with hope and confidence. The medals of the Division I competition have finally returned to the hands of Wahyanites.

Most of the A-Grade boys, realising it is the last year of seeing the school have tried to let other people knowing the fierce and the power of the 'Lion'. Despite the pressure and work load of the A-Level Exam, we still practise every week to improve our techniques as well as the physical working capacity. The Division I battle, however, can hardly be imagined. Although the A-grade team had good performance on the training match, we had only won two of the seven matches. The A-grade team has finally ranked sixth out of the eight schools.

The B-grade team does not lack of veterans. Nonetheless, because of the matter of luck and a little bit of nervousness, they did not perform well in the beginning matches. They built up high team spirit and got back their confidence, they played much better in the remaining matches. They won two matches, together with two draws and four loses that enabled them to rank fifth in the B-Grade competition.

The biggest surprise came from the C-Grade boys. They showed their eagerness to win throughout the competition although we hadn't put a large pressure on them. Like the A-Grade boys, they practise every week to improve their skills and co-operation. After one and a half month, they returned with improved technique and team spirit, perhaps with a little bit of luck, they won contest after contest and finally became the champion of the competition. Despite the unsatisfactory result of the A, B Grade teams, we still came out with fourth out of the eight schools in the overall result.

Being the captain of the football team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our coaches, Mr. Tang and Mr. Chan for their guidance and advice. The thankfulness would also go to the members and all Wahyanites, without your support, the 'Lion' would return to its dead sleep. And may I borrow the slogan of the president Kennedy and our Students' Association, 'Ask not what your school can do for you, ask what you can do for your school.'


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