One of the highlights of Inter-school sports competitions is the Inter-school Athletic Championships 1997/98 which was held from late February to early March. However, Day 1, which was proposed to be held on 26th February, was doomed to be postponed to 4th March because of bad weather.

Day 1 4th March, 1998

With grit and great determination, our athletic team marched into the Wan Chai Stadium, aiming to get a higher overall position among sixteen participating schools than the previous year.

The first medal

The first event was B-grade shot put. The two representatives, Leung Shu Sang and Leung Shu Lai, performed well. The former captured a praiseworthy bronze medal with a throw of 12.81m, obtaining a valuable position point for our school. That was a very good news as our school got a medal in the first event of the day.

Then came C-grade 200m. Both runners, Chan Pan and Cheung Ka Yi, entered the semi-finals with ease by ranking first and third respectively in the heat. In B-grade 200m, to our expectation, the two runners, Tse Chun Ming and Wong Lok Yat, booked a place in the semi-finals. In A-grade, our runner, Chen Wai, captured the second place and reserved a place for further competition.

Afterwards, participants in the A-grade discus, Wong Ka Kit and Cheng Hon Fai, did not perform very well. Although they were not very fit, Wong managed to acquire sixth place among thirty contestants, gaining three points for our school. A-grade high jump was the next event. The two athletes, Chan Genis and Chan Kai Fung, had a remarkable result, ranking second and eighth.

After the field events, our attention was drawn to the track again. In B-grade 1500m, the so-called 'air bag' Chau See Yan clinched a place in the finals whereas a starter, Law Hiu Fai, had a mediocre result, but gained precious experience.

In the 400m, our C-graders Lok Sau Fung and Cheung Ka Yi, together with B-graders Chan Kai Yip and Tse Chun Ming entered the semi-finals without much difficulty. In grade A, the captain of the Athletic Team, Wong Kwok Hei, did well in all aspects, but fortune was not with him. He failed to get into the semi-finals as he didn't measure up to the standard time.

After lunch, we were ready for the hurdles event. Our C-grade hurdler Ng Chi Fai earned tremendous applause when he captured first place. All our A-grade and B-grade runners in hurdling were also able to reserve a place in the semi-finals. The day's individual event ended with the exciting 100m sprint. Four out of six runners from our school entered the semi-finals.

The finals events were the relay, 4 x 400m races. With the effort from the runners, our B-grade and C-grade team managed to get into the finals. However, our A-grade team was not so fortunate and failed to make their way into the finals.

Day 2 12th March, 1998

After 8 days' break, all our athletes were refreshed and ready to make the best out of the day. The spectators' stand was fully occupied by supporters from different schools. Encouraging and innovative slogans were designed by our supporters. The morale among our athletes was very high.

The first event on day 2 was the B-grade long jump in which we had two contestants entering the finals. It was really a tough competition. The top three contestants all had very close results, differing by just a few centimetres. Tsoi Fong Hang got another bronze medal for our school.

Immediately after the long jump, there came the B-grade 3000m. Lai Wing Kin once again showed his hard work and clocked with a very good time of 10:03:09, squeezing into second place.

Things were going well in the C-grade 100m sprint. Chan Pan and Ng Chi Fai advanced to the third and sixth place, respectively. Both of them earned a place in the finals. At the same time, Tsoi Fong Hang, a B-grader, and Chen Wai, a A-grader, both booked a place in the finals. Congratulations to them!

After the spectacular run in the track, we focused on the events taking place on the field again. In the B-grade discus, Leung Shu Sang, a very talented and experienced athlete, threw the discus with an unparalleled distance of 45.22m, was named the first-runner-up.

In the A-grade long jump, our representing athlete was Chan Kai Fung. He made a jump of 5.71m and ranked fourth among 29 people.

Back to the track, 800m race was taking place. Our C-grade team performed well in this event, with Lok Sau Fong and Ng Ka Ho securing second and fourth places whilst our B grade representative, Ngai Pak Lim, ranked first. All of them clinched a berth into the finals. In the 200m race, most the competitors in the semi-finals entered the finals without difficulty.

Following the 200m sprint, there was the 100m hurdles event. The 100 hurdles race was as exciting as the 100m sprint. Ng Chi Fai, Leung Chi Hang and Chan Genis booked their place in the finals.

In the A grade javelin, Wong Ka Kit made a dazzling throw of 42.04m which earned him fourth place in the event. For B grade 400m, our promising runners, Chan Kai Yip and Tse Chun Ming, found no difficulties in entering the finals. They were confident to win the gold medal.

After the individual events, there came the highlight of the day -- 4 x 100m relay races. Grade C runners demonstrated their brilliance with the fastest time of 48.06s whilst the grade A runners performed well, too. They finished the competition in second place, clocking 45.66s.

Day 3 17th March, 1998

Today was a decisive day for our school as our total score was only a few points lagging behind Chong Gene Hang College. All our competitors were aiming at the overall second runner-up. Many Wahyanites who were exuberant with Wah Yan Spirit came to the venue to cheer the athletes. Soon, the stadium was filled with spectators. Wahyanites' voices were yelling out in support of our athletic team. Athletes were busy doing their warm-up before competition started at 8:30. Today we had a total of 22 finalists and 4 relay teams competing in 20 events.

Some field events like shot put, triple jump and high jump took place first. Our athletes, Chan Kai Yip and Lai Ming Fai, participated in the triple jump (boys B Grade). Out of 31 players from differing schools, our athletes got an excellent result in which Chan captured the silver medal with a marvellous record of 12.34m and Lai was one of the best twelve players finishing the competition.

After some girls track events, there came the exciting event -- 200m boys. In grade C, we had two runners, Chan Pan and Cheung Ka Yi. In the last 100 meters, Chan and another player competed for first place fiercely. Just as they reached the finishing point, Chan was overtaken by that runner. To our disappointment, Chan was only able to secure second place. On the other hand, Cheung finished the event in eighth place.

A New Hero

In the 200m boys B, there was only one Wahyanite entering the finals. Our promising runner, Tse Chun Ming, tried his very best to compete as the champion. His daily hard work was worthwhile when he finished the event first. He was the real hero. Every day, after school, we saw that he was practising on the track. No matter how bad the condition was, he just kept on practising and practising until 6:00 in the evening. His efforts were dully rewarded.

'This is the final call for Boys A-grade 200m', echoed from the loudspeakers. Chen Wai walked to the starting line with confidence. He finished third, with a time of 22.75s, only 0.05s behind the winner.

Then the track was full with competitors for the Boys C-grade 800m. Among the ten competitors, Ng Ka Ho and Lok Sau Fong represented our school. Though they were not experienced enough, they managed to secure fifth and sixth place clocking at 2:17.56 and 2:17.66.

The last event of our school before the lunch break was the Boys B-grade 800m. Ngai Pak Lim performed well and to what we had expected, he had a remarkable result of 2:10.73, ranking third among 10 contestants. He helped our school get another valuable medal.

































































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