In order to get good results in the Inter-school Swimming Competition, our swimming team started training in early Summer holidays. Owing to the reconstruction of our school's swimming pool, we had our training twice a week in YMCA swimming pool after the holidays. Later our training was held in our school again three times a week. The success of our team this year was made possible by our team-mates' devotion to their tough training and our coach Mr. Alan Wong's patience.

Day 1

The 97-98 Inter-school Swimming Competition was held at the Kowloon Park Indoor swimming pool on 8th October. All of our team-mates could hardly wait for this day to come, which provided a chance for us to display our swimming skills.

All the team-mates performed very well in the first day of the competition. Almost everyone got the standard point. Jonathan Wong, Sunny Fung, Pang Kwan Lok, Yim Shing Yik, Lo Gar Tung of A Grade; Fu Kah Leung, Wong Ching Lam, Yu Tin Chak, Chow Ka Shing, Ho Chi Cheung, Li Tsz Kai of B Grade; Wong Ka Ki, Kwok Yui Kei, Fung Kin Lun of C Grade entered the finals in different events. At the same time all the Medley and Free Style Relays of all grades got into the finals. The total standard points made us the leading team. The second place of that day was Island School who was one point behind us. The third place was 6 points behind us. With such good results, it was possible for us to be promoted to Division I next year.

Day 2

The final encounter came on 16th October. We were even braver and stronger to overcome this challenge. Most of our team-mates performed even better than Day 1.

As usual, the first event of the day was A-grade 200 Freestyle. We had two team-mates participating in this event. One was Sunny Fung, the other was Pang Kwan Lok who had attended this event for six years. They came fourth and sixth of this event respectively. They both swam faster than day1 and obtained a higher positions.

Shortly afterwards, there came the 50m Freestyle events. Our vice-captain Kwok Yui Kei, who is only in Form 3, got a bronze medal in C grade. For B grade Ho Chi Chung came sixth.

Then there came the 50m Backstroke events. Our Form 7 star Lo Gar Tung got a bronze medal in A grade. For B grade, Li Tsz Kai and Wong Ching Lam both worked very hard but they still could not score higher since their opponents were too tough to beat.

For 200m Individual Medley, our last year's superstar Yu Tin Chak attempted it for B grade and Sunny Fung, Pang Kwan Lok for A grade. This was the first time our superstar attend this event. Unfortunately he and Sunny Fung came fourth.

Chow Yan Wai, got a second in Day 1, appeared to be a bit nervous and at last he only came fourth in B-grade Breast 100m stroke.

Our ex-captain, another Form 7 star Jonathan Wong, Fu Kah Leung and Wong Ka Ki attempted A grade, B grade and C grade 100m Freestyle respectively. All of them swam very well and Fu Kah Leung came third in this event.

At the 100m Back Stroke event, we had two team-mates, Fu Kah Leung and Wong Ching Lam. Our another superstar Fu Kah Leung had learnt Back stroke for a few months. Though he could not get any medal in this event but he had already proven this super talent to us. He came fourth in this event.

In 50m Breast Stroke event, Chow Ka Shing competed in B grade and Fung Kin Lun in C grade. Lacking substantial experience, Chow Ka Shing did not manage to get any medal in the final. It would do him good to have further practice.

Our ex-captain Jonathan Wong, superstar Yu Tin Chak and vice-captain Kwok Yui Kei attempted the 50m Butterfly event. Jonathan Wong became the Champion of this event. Kwok Yui Kei came second. Superstar Yu Tin Chak came fifth. It is obvious that we are really strong in Butterfly.

Chou Yan Wai showed that he lacked experience. On day 1 he was the champion of 200m Breast stroke, but in the finals he only came second. Yim Shing Yik of A Grade also attempted this event but failed to get a medal.

The highlight of the finals was the relays. We got into finals for all the relays. We are always strong in these events. For A grade, we came second for Medley Relay. For B grade, we came second for Medley Relay and third for freestyle relay. For others, though they could not win any medals, they performed well in these events.

At the end of the day, we ranked second among the schools. The champion was the Island School, which consisted of foreign swimmers and representatives of Hong Kong team. They performed very well. We got the 1st runner up in both A-grade and B-grade.

Next year, we will be promoted to Division I and more challenges are coming. Especially for C grade, we need a large improvement. Also more 'new blood' are needed in order to stay in division I.

Being the captain of the swimming team, I was honoured to bring the team to Division I again. I know we will stand firmly in Division I with our "Wah Yan Spirit". On behalf of the swimming team, I would like to thank, Mr. Norman So, our coaches, Mr. Alan Wong and Mr. Tang Wai Choi, who have spent much time and given us support. I would like to give special thanks to all the boys who came to cheer us, our past student Yuen Siu Kei who was the captain of our team two years ago. Without their support, we could not have been so successful.

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