The Report of Table-tennis Team 1997-1998

This academic year was, as it ever had been, a meaningful time for our table-tennis team since we will be promoted to Division 1 next year.

At the beginning of this year, we needed to face a serious problem ---- no appropriate place to practise. However, with the help of Mr. Tang Wai Choi and financial support from our school, we were able to train in Kowloon Park Indoor-game Hall every Wednesday and Friday. In order to get a better result, in addition to having a suitable place, our school employed a well-known coach from the Hong Kong Table-Tennis Association, Lau Bit Sing, to improve our skills.

Hard word and strenuous endeavours equipped us well enough for the Inter-School Table-Tennis Competition. During the competition, being devoted to compete against the other schools and with our confidence and ambition, we won the Overall 1st-runner-up in Division 2. Our A, B and C grades performed will in the first round and easily entered the final. In the final, our C grade succeeded in beating the other teams in every battle and became the champion. Nevertheless, our A and B grades could not present themselves as well as in the first round, we came 2nd-runner-up in B grade and 3rd-runner-up in A grade.

Besides, in the Inter-School Single Competition ---- which included all schools from Division 1 to Division3, although our A grade and B grade members were busy preparing for the public examinations and did not participate in this competition, our C grade member, Lee Pui Chung, Breading through all difficulties, was crowned the champion.

As a whole, we are all elated by the remarkable achievement which we have made. On top of our success this year, the best thing our members can do is keep on practising, I trust we will do better next year.

All in all, on behalf of all the members, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Principal, Mr. Norman So, and Assistant Principal, Mr. Yue Poon Leung, for giving us tremendous support. Moreover, I am grateful to our Supervisors, Mr. Tang Wai Choi, Mr. Lee Kwok Keung, Mr. Lam Wing Hung And Mr. Ho Fu Kuen, for their guidance and support throughout the year.

Lee Yat Chung
Captain of Table-tennis Team


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