The report of the Tennis Team 1997-1998

"No matter how hard and difficult it is, until I have tried my best."

I cannot see any obstacle to fight back to Division One under the training system of Mr. To. The most essential element that is lacking is the enthusiasm of playing tennis. It seems that the majority of WahYanites are interested in tennis but are just reluctant to start learning it. The lack of experienced players is one of the problems we faced. The performance of the tennis team this year was satisfactory. We came third among 14 schools in the inter-school tennis competition (Division Two). After coming fourth in the last couple of years, we tried very hard for the competition this year. We had regular training sessions, twice a week from January to June 1997 ,and special training during the summer vacation. Besides polishing basic skills like ground- strokes, serves, volleys, lobs and smashes, we equipped ourselves with tactics which were much emphasized by our supervisor, Fr. Farren and our coach, Mr. Gary To. Since only doubles matches were involved in the competition, we had to gain experience in playing doubles and learn how to co-operate as partners. Mr. To, our coach for three years, helped a lot in our training as he knows both our strengths and weaknesses. In order to familiarize ourselves with the tension of competitions, we had a series of pre-season matches among ourselves. This year, like the past, a few experienced players had to leave the team to prepare for public examinations. We had a young and fresh team which consisted of mainly F.4 students who had never participated in the inter-school competition before. Under the invaluable guidance of Fr. Farren and Mr. To and with our strenuous effort, we were soon physically and mentally prepared to fight. The competition began in October and we managed to handle all the matches in the first round. The opponents in the final round included some strong teams, KGV and SJC. We had tough matches with them. Finally, we were beaten by them because of the inconsistent performance and the lack of fighting spirit at the very critical moments. It was gratifying to see that all the teammates had tried their best at every moment and the attendance at training sessions was good. We did just as the school prayer says: We fought the good fight. It is a shame to spoil the chance of playing tennis as we have four standard tennis courts in our campus. On behalf of the team, I would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Fr. Farren and Mr. To for their technical advice and spiritual support.

Lai Chi Lai, Anthony


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